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       “Tracey is a woman on a mission!”     “Amazing and wonderful…”

“In her transparency, she gives the keys to transition and transformation...” 

Tracey provides help and hope…”    "Open, honest, and inspiring..."

The components of restoration, renewal and transformation help to change the world. When you book Tracey M. Booker, your audience will be empowered, inspired, and encouraged to approach life from a higher level of thinking, doing and ultimately “being”. For more than a decade, Tracey has been sharing a message of transformation that calls the listener to action; to look outside of the proverbial box, and to live in the abundance of life, on every level. Tracey’s transparent delivery and motivating energy is evident in every speech as she motivates and inspires.

When your gathering calls for a message that moves you spiritually, inspires transformation, or one that ignites purpose in youth, Tracey Booker is the one to call. Having been trained to speak before religious, civic, and community organizations as a youngster, Tracey has taken her God given talent and gift to various forums throughout the country. she is both an inspirational and motivational speaker, taking her message of encouragment, restoration, renewal and transformation to the masses. She is a sought after speaker who is versatile, transparnent, and relatable. Her audiences include youth oriented and adult themes alike.




Empowerment & Transformation

Meet Me in the Delivery Room

The Paradigm Shift

A Spiritual Metamorphosis

The Right Place, and the Right Time, but Doing the Wrong Thing


Teen Oriented Workshops and Speeches

I Love Me! Self Esteem Workshop

Shhh...Don't Tell Anybody




Tracey Booker is a noted motivational speaker, author, transformational life coach and media personality. She has a strong commitment to making positive change for the better. Tracey is the CEO of Tracey Booker Enterprises, LLC, a lifestyle development company that is dedicated to serving those who are in need of significant positive change in their lives, via Transformational Life Coaching and media outlets.

She has dedicated her life to helping destroy the false perception of impossibilities, by bringing a fresh and engaging approach to inviting girls and women alike to dispel the feeling of being victimized by their life circumstances. Through coaching and ministerial coaching she has encouraged many to embrace the beauty in the “reflection that shines in the mirror” through programs that are designed to be both conscientious as well as effective. Her coaching method centers on movement and change that takes the individual from the conversion of the mind, to transformation, change and movement to the next level of greatness and mastery, which starts with the renewing of the mind.

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