Welcome to “Wisdom Speaks”©, a weekly blog written to inspire and encourage you with life experiences and words of wisdom by yours truly, Tracey Booker.

This blog has been in the making for some time now. It is my opportunity to open up and to share with you revelations, life experiences and to provide a haven of love, joy, peace, understanding and wisdom to my readers. It is not intended to be an unrealistic look at life principles and experiences. It will be just the opposite. I have so much to share and the creative aspect of my life includes writing and sharing with others, in a way that does not condemn or mock, but is intended to let you know that “I’ve been there too, and I don’t mind sharing with you”. As I continue to prepare and to write for 2011, I find that there is also a place of vulnerability that comes with sharing with you. It is good therapy for me and I pray that it is good for you and that you will share with others.

The name of the blog, “Wisdom Speaks”, comes from a couple of levels of life realities and lessons. In my ministry, I was led to move in the area of Youth Ministry and Women’s Ministry. My own life experiences prepared me for spiritual movement in these areas. My ministry is heavily seeped in the “spiritual birthing and restoration of mankind”. My movement in this vain has demanded for me to be transparent and real with regard to my sharing with others. This ability to share began to intensify, and I carried my message of “No More Victimization” to the pulpit and beyond. My confirmation that I was obedient to Spirit came in 2001, when women that I didn’t know personally, began to share with me of their pain, and shame; of the things that were burdening them and holding them in spiritual and physical bondage. They were crying out for freedom, a listening ear, and a new direction; a new plan of action. I began to open up more for the salvation of women and youth.

In 2004, it was revealed to me by the Creator, that I possess the “power of wisdom”, and to walk therein. That revelation was riveting. It led me to research the written Word of God, various other areas of study and research, as well as to continuously incline my spiritual ear to hear Spirit speak to me. I walk in the power of judgment and wisdom. I’ll be the first to tell you that my over a period of time in life, my judgment has been “off” at times, but those times helped me to sharpen up for the next time. Each time gets better. I accept that. I love it!

Regarding “judgment” in particular, let me clarify. I implicitly do not, by the use of the word judgment, mean to imply that I am sitting in stark opinion of anyone. I am led to exercise in the knowing that our life exhibition, demonstrated many times, in emotional distress, sensation, feeling, or affection, lacks good judgment and/or wisdom. Many times it has been in the most passionate times that we have exhibited negative emotions or that which bordered on the negative, when instead we could have demonstrated in a more positive way. Looking back, I know I should have waited and moved at a more opportune time for the results to be positive instead of negative. This is a dynamic life lesson. There has been an awakening, an enlightening, and a kindling of light in my inner man. “[I] no longer accept the race standards or teachings of the worldly wise, but [I] “judge righteous judgment”; [I] know with an inner intuition, and [I] judge men and events from a new viewpoint.[1]

As I move forward, my writings to will reflect only what I am given to write, spiritually. Spirit is my guide and I will write according to the direction that I am given to take at any given time.

I make reference to a scripture, “My mouth shall speak of wisdom; and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding”, Psalm 49:3. My mind will follow suit, putting pen to paper, that which I am endowed with to share. I do not take that lightly. And this is my governing authoritative writing that helps to keep me balanced and on point. I realize what I am chosen to do, and I do it willingly. And as you read, on a weekly basis, my hope is that you will “hear Wisdom Speak”.


[1] Twelve Powers of Man