This morning, as I sit in my place of consecration and meditation, I pen these words.

The atmosphere is one of warmth and light, one that suggests that endless possibilities abound and I am not to miss a single one universally offered to me.

I have just finished my morning meditation and in moving from the conscious realm of thinking to the meditative state, I found myself letting go of the issues of one of the most challenging weeks of my life. I heard the words of a dear friend encouraging me to detach from the things that consistently work against me that seem to try to take me into a state of mental, spiritual, and physical bondage. Don’t give in, let it go. Breathe.

My meditation today was guided by Rev. Cynthia James, author of “What Will Set You Free”. Her instruction was on point for me. “Connect to the breath and allow it to relax you. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe in warm light. Exhale tightness. Exhale anxiety. Inhale light and exhale tightness anywhere in the body…” As I ascended in my mind and made a Divine connection, it felt like a washing and purification on the levels of mind, body, soul, spirit. It was Sanctification. Each breath I inhaled and exhaled, fully expecting to inhale again to sustain life, was the breath of LIFE.

During this phase of life challenges, I continued to hear by way of Spirit to exercise in the spirit of gratitude. I continued to affirm, in all things, “I AM Grateful”.

I thought back to some of the tangible things that I used to become transformed by the renewing of my mind. During my viewing of “The Secret” some years ago, there was a reference made to the “gratitude rock”. At the time, the beautician that was servicing me gave me a gratitude rock, and I kept it in clear view as a visual to remember to be grateful in season and out of season. That small rock helped me to exercise in my divine path to Oneness with God. When things looked bleak, there was the reminder to give thanks at all times. Ascend above the circumstance. Let the circumstance become acclimated to the goodness of Spirit rather than me becoming acclimated to lower level thinking and doing. Gratefulness is flowing from my heart.

With each breath I take, I am aware of Light, Love, Peace, Joy, Health, Divinity, Prosperity, Goodness, Spirit, God…. I AM Grateful.

Wisdom Speaks: I encourage you to go deep within and take introspection, bit by bit, of your life and current circumstances. Go to that place within that is untouched by any erroring spirit of negativity or defeat, and make divine contact. Revel in that place and gain strength day by day and open your heart and mind to gratitude. Exhibit, manifest and exude gratefulness. Share the gratitude and BE. And remember to BREATHE.