Sometimes we must put closure to various situations in our lives. My personal experience is that utilizing or executing closure can be for both positive and negative experiences. The lesson is that we must realize then know when ‘a thing’ has completed its course in our lives for a particular juncture in our lives. It’s different than what I call the process of elimination, and should be experienced as the peaceful end of things.

This morning, I am experiencing good closure. In 2011, I decided to return to college to attain my Master’s degree in Counseling. I struck out a bit apprehensive, yet excited about this new chapter in my life. It was challenging and I met my goals, attained my degree in June of 2013, but I did not participate in the commencement ceremony in August of 2013. I made that decision because my father could not attend with me. We are a close family, and I decided to wait until he was able to be with me and to share the event with one of my biggest supporters. I always felt that the entire process was unfinished, because I had not “commenced”. I have my degree, but I want to and need CELEBRATE this milestone. Well, that time is here; TODAY!

It’s a beautiful sunny day, quite appropriate for a celebration in Nashville. As I am sitting in my hotel room, looking out at the Bridgestone Arena and the Nashville Music City Center, I have reflected on a number of things that have occurred since July of 2011. The feelings of fear of not being able to make it through various courses, because they were accelerated and quite challenging, would I be able to think critically and write from an academic perspective rather than the prose and genre that I am used to using as an author? And, could my busy life really keep up with all of this new “stuff” I was learning in regards to counseling overweight and obese adolescent girls, and others? Why did I wait so long to return to get my advanced degree? Could and would I truly be certified to work in this area of expertise? Yes, I set my goals and intentions and met every one.

There are a few things that I know that helped me in this journey to academic greatness, and they apply to various areas of life:

  1. Set your intention or “greatness goal” – What do you want to do that will enhance your life?
  2. Determine what you need to move in the direction of attaining the next level of greatness and realizing your “higher self” – It’s not hard, the desire to grow; personally, must be a priority and must be thought about with an open mind and desire to receive “newness”, and to chart new paths in life.
  3. Execution is necessary – Move forward with determination to meet the goals and intentions that you have set for yourself. Persistence is the key. Execute or “DO” with the intended goal in mind.
  4. Stay the course – While on the course, look at various ways to get to your goal without becoming bored or stagnant.
  5. Be creative – open up for new ways to see things to occur on your path.
  6. Pray and Meditate – Develop a diligent prayer life and set time for meditation.
  7. Get ready for the increase – Increase will be evident, in abundance once you are open to receive whatever you are looking for.
  8. Enjoy the blessing……

These are just a few things that have helped me move forward, and get to the point of finishing and to get ready for the next great thing that life has in store for me. I’m closing this chapter in life today and I am eager to lift off to the next level of goodness that awaits me.