"There is nothing more vital to your life than living an authentically empowered life.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

“That is what you were born to create." ~ Gary Zukav

“And only you can do that. That’s the real work you need to do with yourself.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

I thank God for revelation and revelatory experiences. I am grateful for awakening and for the enlightenment of my thought processes and when Spirit says to do so, I must write.

Everyday affords me the chance to take introspection and to take a good look within. After getting to the point of being comfortable with getting “naked” (mentally and spiritually) and stripping down from the external forces that had so long been a governing factor in how I saw myself and related to myself, I finally came to the conclusion and got the message that this walk is predicated on my ability to know Spirit, God for myself and as myself; to know my authentic self and to live in that realm. In order to experience Oneness on any level, one must face the fear of seeing oneself for who they have developed into, and to seek the tools to grow beyond limitations; to open up to the fullness of Good that is inherently our privilege and to execute on a higher level of consciousness and activity and to ultimately enjoy the manifestation of it all.

Over the last weeks, beginning on the first day of spring (March 20th), I’ve been re-evaluating a number of areas of life in order to be sure of what to keep and strengthen, and what to eliminate.  The process of elimination is a consistent and conscious activity for me. Toxicity is a killer, and I intend to live; fully, intentionally, and authentically. In the midst of this consecrated period, a number of new areas to embark upon have been revealed to me. Along with the revelations have also come directions to take in order to be successful in every endeavor. I am listening and in tune with Spirit as my steps are being ordered. With each revelation, I am able to see where the past has had a definitive role in the laying of a solid foundation or point of lift off for the greater and new endeavor. In taking introspection, one of the comforting instructions that I receive is to be my authentic self without apology. WOW!

Authenticity defined is the quality of being defined or genuine.  The root word, authentic is defined as real, not false or copied, having an origin of unquestionable evidence; reliable; trustworthy. Authentic power, according to author Gary Zukav, is that which is Spirit given and inbred. It cannot be taken away from us. If we choose not to operate in our authenticity, it is still with us. It unfortunately becomes an un-tapped source, thereby trapping one into living in a limited existence instead of the fullness of life.

One of the major reasons that we are unable to do this freely is because of fear. Many are grappling with low self-conceptualization, self-efficacy, and self-esteem issues. I believe that the term low self-esteem is a catch all for many areas of emotional pain, disconnection, loneliness, anger, and un-fulfillment in our lives. Emphasis on our self-value and unworthiness causes us to act in ways that do not speak to our ability to value and love ourselves first, thereby exhibiting external power, the kind of power that we obtain outside of ourselves in order to feel powerful. We use our relationships, home, job, and other labels that can be taken away from us to gage our value of self. External power usually shows up in actions that include neediness, dependency on others, anger, arrogance, despair, feeling defective, flawed, ugly inside, and the deeper thing that causes the fear and pain. The more that we exhibit these expressions of fear, the more we need to deal with the pain of feeling powerless, while trying to appear powerful, without substance. Get to the root of the thing, pull it out and plant new seeds of authenticity and save your life.

We owe it to ourselves to be real and to live our truths. The current dispensation is calling for us to be transparent and open about life and to do so unapologetically. Generation Xer’s and the Millennials, in my opinion consistently keep this in front of us, in that this is an expectation of honesty and truth. The days of living in a shrouded existence, living an inauthentic life that is a facsimile, sham or replica of what real joy is living beneath your privilege. Stretch out, take the brakes off and be the real you!

The power to exercise your authentic power or authentic empowerment lies within. It is that power from the inside that radiates or manifests itself on the outside, by way of the exhibitions that we display that are thought to be the demonstration of our personalities. It is the part of us that shows up as our character and is the “us” that shows up when no one else is around and we reveal, show or unveil who we really are. Wow, what a revelation! This is the alignment of your personality with your soul; authentic power. And it goes deeper. When your personality comes to serve the energy of your soul; the combination of your personality with your SOUL purpose on earth, you will begin to present yourself authentically, and with power.

Expand your view of the world.

Squash, destroy, or better yet, kill fear. Stop letting it grip you. Stop letting it control your life.

Step into and use your personality to serve your soul.

Intentionally put yourself in a position to enjoy JOY in your life.

Live authentically…..

I’ll leave you with this thought, and a picture that I recently saw and it resonated with me, “There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves. Imagine going through your day being unapologetically you.” ~ Steve Maraboli