During the month of January, I shared a month of positive affirmations on my Facebook and Twitter pages that had to do with being “one in spirit and being” with the Universal Source that I know as God. I don’t question anyone else’s belief as to who or what God is, but in my continued spiritual, physical, and mental evolution, I have received the revelation that what I once thought was a separate part of me, is not. There is no dichotomy, no separation, no gulf, and no opposition. I live with the ideology that I AM spirit that resides in a body. I AM and GOD IS.

As a result of the Oneness with Spirit and the knowing, the manifestation is the “glowing”, the radiance in the Oneness state of Being. During this time of recognition and sharing, the title of this blog came to mind. It reminded me of a time in my past when I was experiencing such a good place, full of sun shine and light. I walked into a room one day, and an old flame of mine looked at me, dressed in tones of yellow and orange, my makeup was on point, but most of all, my attitude and state of Being had no upward limit. I could only continue to soar and evolve. He looked at me across the room that was full of people, and declared, “You look absolutely radiant”.  I thanked him, and knew what was going on with me spiritually. I only hoped that he could see deeper than the physical because what was happening was a spiritual birthing of sorts that would continue, even until this writing. It is ongoing….

January 1, 2014… “I live in the glow of Oneness. I partner with my own inner Self. It is I who makes the way for God to be fulfilled in me, and I do.” This affirmation set the pace and daily for the next 30 days, I continued to allow the radiance of love, light, and life to be my foundation and to share it with others. The exuberance that I experience is something that I do not want to come down from. The connectedness to Spirit is on an entirely differently level of consciousness, one that is intentional, in that I’ve set my sights on intentional spiritual and life growth and the accoutrements that manifest as a result continue to become evident.

My message is for us to seek to understand and know the driving, cultivating, and guiding Spirit that is One with you. Live in that revelation knowledge. Please understand that this is not a sermon, but a message of awareness and Self-discovery as to the awesomeness that is the core of YOU. Once recognized and learned, you will manifest.

As you live in the glow of Oneness:

  • Nurture and encourage Higher consciousness within
  • Make intelligent use of the gifts of the Divine
  • Let the power of Imagination expand your mental boundaries
  • Trust your Inner Wisdom
  • Use Wisdom to make changes as necessary
  • Know that there is a place of clarity reserved within for the inspiration of the Infinite
  • Accept the natural streams of healing that circulate through you; Mind, Body, and Soul
  • Enjoy your Spiritual freedom and Infinite Guidance
  • Accept yourself completely as an active, growing Spiritual being

The evidence will cause you to GLOW, RADIATE and manifest the LIGHT! And you will be…Absolutely Radiant!