As I was watching “Super Soul Sunday” on last Sunday morning, the ending segment featured a piece on the musical swings in Montreal, Canada; the 21 Balançoires (21 Swings). The concept of the swings is that there is a display in the entertainment district in the city that has several “musical swings” that play a musical note or notes when a person sits and begins to move the swing. On the segment on Super Soul Sunday, it was shared that the higher that one swings, the more intricate the melody becomes. It was this aspect in particular, that captured my attention and the fact that when several people begin to swing simultaneously, the atmosphere is filled with beautiful and unique music. Everyone lends to the beautiful melodies that are created as a result.

The higher one swings, the more intricate the melody becomes… I received an open vision from this concept, in that the higher one elevates in his/her consciousness, the more intricate and expansive the revelation of Truth, Life, Love, Light, Good, and all things Godly become evident to the Being who is lending himself/herself to spiritual elevation. It is a beautiful experience. Revelation is to be enjoyed and acted upon, not feared and pushed aside. It lends to a growth process for the individual and if received will result in a higher elevation of consciousness and awareness. Over time, one begins to want to connect with those who are experiencing the same, thereby experiencing a harmonious and higher elevation. Just imagine, if you can, the atmosphere of quiet meditation and the sound of a light beautiful melody, and a light breeze as you make yourself available for this spiritual journey. It is a mindset to adapt to, closing out the noise of the world in order to become attuned to Spirit and to receive all that is prepared for you from this realm. It’s beautiful. It appeals to all of our senses and urges to move us from a sensory perception and belief, to the state of knowing and expected experience. When this experience becomes your norm, you don’t want to experience anything less than “harmony”.

This is palatable, tangible, fragrant, and audible to me, as I share these words. I can certainly see it, as given to me in the open vision. I choose to feel it and to meditate on it, with an elevated and harmonious consciousness. I choose to live it. I choose to BE it.


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