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Motivational and Inspirational Speaking 

"I Speak Life"

 Tracey Booker gave her first paid speech at age four at a church youth conference. She gave the opening recitation, and hasn't looked back.

Having been trained to speak before church congregations as a youngster, Tracey has taken her God given talent and gift  to various forums throughout the country. She is both an inspirational and motivational speaker, taking her message of encouragement, restoration, renewal and transformation beyond the church congregation . She is a sought out speaker who is versatile, and her audiences include youth oriented and adult themes alike. 

Tracey is a member of Toastmasters International and is working on her certification with the National Speakers Association (NSA)

A Few of Tracey's Most Requested Speeches...

Empowerment and Transformation

Meet Me in the Delivery Room

The Paradigm Shift

Change and Transfomation

A Spiritual Metamorphosis

The Right Place, The Right Time, Doing the Wrong Thing

Health and Wellness

Fifty by Fifty Lifestyle Change Challenge

Teen Oriented Workshops

New World In My View Visioning Workshop

Express Yourself Teen Communication Workshop

I Love Me! Self Esteem Workshop

Shhh...Don't Tell Anybody








Metamorphosis, Incorporated 

"Empowering Women and Girls:

Transforming Lives"

Metamorphosis, Incorporated ia a nonprofit female community service organization dedicagted to creating a growing community of transformed women and girls. The Organization offers life training to women and of various ethnicities, ecumenical, and social-economic backgrounds.

The organization's inception dates back to July 2005, with the acceptance of a Divine vision birthed through the Founder, CEO and Executive Director, Tracey Booker. During this delivery, a plan of action was given to work and confront various subtle societal messages about the female's efficacy, valued and potential in the world today. Issues such as low self-esteem, weight issues, low self-worth, peer pressure, negative body image, sexual health, and race relations are mentally and physically stifling to females. It is imperative that females of all ages seek, receive and maintain positive and healthy transformation for their lives.

Starting with young women, it is vital that the difference between what is many times depicted in the media and on television, is balanced with a realistic stance to build healthy lives. A "metamorphosis" has to take place in order to work through old thought processes and ways of doing things in order to become "free" and to move forward in life. Metamorphosis, Incorporated seeks to provide vital educational and service programs to females beginning at age nine into adulthood.

Preparation is the key, in that the participants of the programs under Metamorphosis, Incorporated umbrella must be able to lead free, successful, productive, and fulfilling lives as a result of participation in our programs.

For more information, contact us at info@metamor4sinc.org, or by calling



Universal Broadcast with Tracey Booker (Formerly Restored, Renewed, and Transformed with Tracey Booker)

Internet Radio Show 

"There's a Universal Broadcast Going On"

 "Change is inevitable. It is the one constant in life that we can count on"

Tracey Booker

"Universal Broadcast with Tracey Booker" is a weekly, one hour, Internet radio broadcast the centers on positive movement and life changes that takes the individual from the conversion of the mind, to transformation, change, and movement to the next level of greatness and mastery. It all starts with the renewing of the mind.

Join host, Tracey Booker, every Transformational Thursday for the transforming broadcast of Universal Broadcast with Tracey Booker, and enjoy thought provoking conversations and interviews with Visionaries who encourage and invoke positive life change and manifestation.

Show time: Thursday evenings @ 6pm EDT


Live broadcasts will resume 2020

Step to the Edge Transformational Life Coaching 

"Your Transformation Begins with YOU"

Our mission and goal is to help you tap into your purpose and passion; reach you highest potential by discovering your higher Self. Restoration, Renewal and Transformation are components that resonate through Tracey Booker Enterprises and are evident in every entity. “Step to the Edge Transformational Life Coaching adheres to these principles through one-on-one private coaching and group coaching sessions.

If you are ready to move forward to create a life expression that includes positive change, Step to the Edge Transformational Life Coaching is the answer for you.

Tracey is currently accepting new individual coaching clients. Please fill out the form below, or contact her at 302-588-9294 for more information and to register.

Step to the Edge Transformational Life Coaching

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Tracey Booker Ministries 

"Speak LIFE, Do LIFE.....and LIVE!"

Tracey Booker Ministries is  a spiritual instrument that utilizes  life giving and life sustaining principles to encourage the masses. Using CEO Tracey Booker's own life struggles as a basis for inspiring others to tap the power within, the push to DO LIFE and LIVE is the mantra for this spiritual entity..

The ministry is dedicated  to reaching others with a message of hope and ascension  life and living from God. It is a message that offers healing and encouragement through suggesting Godly principles in health, lifestyle and attitude. Treading on territory where few have ventured, Tracey has allowed herself to be a spiritually led vessel,sharing her story of victory to the masses, in hopes of saving others from the same dark paths she once walked.

"Ministry is not confined to the four walls of the church building. It is a way of life and a demonstration of spiritual fruit, triumphant lifestyle, and compassion for others. It encompasses community, expands racial lines, religious barriers, gender bias, and any discriminatory  binding or confining display. It is, in essence, a spiritual manifestation of service and is inclusive of serving all through spiritual connection"   

Tracey Booker

Tracey Booker Ministries serves the Church and the community alike.