1.       “As I sat and read these words from Tracey’s experience, I was overtaken by many emotions...Being that I myself have my own story to share. I am very grateful and glad that Tracey took the time to allow herself to become an example of how to overcome, and to be transformed by [the] power of knowledge. This conversation is needed throughout our community as a whole. Too many of our beautiful girls are missing out on their self worth, [and] having that dependable person they can even count on.”

Tracey, thank you for your story, truth, trust, bravery and love. 

Tiffany Clayton, Student, Alabama State University 

Testimonials for "I Love Me!..." 

"Raw, honest, and inspirational. Those words describe the amazing chapter Reverend Tracey Booker shares with the world. By revealing the trauma that led to her path to overeating, Tracey touches the heart of all readers, especially those who share the horror she describes.

Tracey's tips on understanding the problem, how to analyze the behaviors, and work on solving the problem, give insights to help so many girls to overcome the guilt, humiliation, and embarrassment they may be enduring. Any overweight girls who turn to food as the comfort for the misery they've endured (and kept secret) will find their lives will be changed for the better by just following Tracey's journey and sage advice." 

Sharon Hill, CEO, Sharon Hill International


 “Tracey Booker is a timeless encouragement to women and young women alike. Her story is compelling and attention grabbing because most of us can surely relate to the emotions she expressed as a result of deep hurt. I can appreciate how her story is one of go through to break-thru. Tracey shares her heart, through the pain she endured, to the triumphs she experienced as a result of trusting God to bring her through. She is the poster child for when your heart is ready, willing, and open God will do the rest. Every woman young and older alike must have this book to attribute to the beautiful woman they are. You need to know that you are beautiful just the way you are and Tracey has an awesome way of expressing that through this piece."

Armetria M. Charles, 

Transformation Coach, Author and 

Virtuous Network Marketer

International Book Release

Louisville, KY. USA ~ “Sister to Sister: A Guide for African American Girls” released by Professional Woman Publishing.  Rev. Tracey Booker is one of 22 international authors featured in this compilation of expertise and creative knowledge. This much anticipated special edition includes a range of personal  topics for young girls of color  including “ Obesity and Self-Worth, The Guiding Light, Self-Awareness: What Do You Stand For?, Pampering the Princess Within, Importance of Positive Self-Talk, Esteem, Sex, Abuse and Promiscuity, Chastity, Rags to Riches: My Personal Scar, Education and Beyond, Use Your Power! Creating a Positive Image in Entertainment, Dating, Relationships & Handling Rejection, Giving Circle for Youth Philanthropy, First Impressions and Personal Image,  Living with Challenges, Etiquette, Grace & Charm, Preparing to Live the Life of Your Dreams, 12 Strategies to Succeed in School, Leadership in Spite of it All!, Uniquely You! Beautiful and Strong, Success Strategies by Successful Sisters, The Power of Your Social Network and Brand, and Building Blocks for Self-Esteem.

Sister to Sister: A Guide for African American Girls is the eighth book in the PWN African- American Library to date, and the 38th   in The Professional Woman empowerment series for women and youth.  The Professional Woman Network is one of the world’s fastest growing international training & publishing organizations on Women’s Issues & Empowerment Resources. PWN, founded by President and CEO, Linda Ellis Eastman, represents over 3,800 consultants, coaches and authors spanning 19 countries including Malaysia, South Africa, United States, Bermuda, England, Costa Rica, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Jamaica.  More Information about the Professional Woman Network can be found at www.pwnbooks.com.

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Chapter: “I Love Me! A Journey to Self-Awareness and Acceptance: From Overweight and Fearful to Fit and Victorious!”



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