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This is who I am..... 

In our lives, if we pay attention to what is happening, we will discover that we have many epiphanies, many "Ah Ha" moments. I know, because I have had several and have learned from each. Each one has brought me closer to my intended life goals. Tracey Booker Enterprises and the various entities under that umbrella reflect my own life journey.

I am a former management professional, who worked many years in Corporate America, enjoying a lucrative career in Banking Customer Service, Collections, and Credit Operations for over twenty years. In my career, I experienced departmental or company downsizing five different times from my wonderful Corporate America jobs. Each time, I was blessed to receive a better position with the new job.

During that time, I was steadily moving forward in my ministry with youth. I became a leader in my church organization and worked with many youth and religious organizations throughout the country and I continue to do so even today.

To those on the outside looking in, one may have thought that I was living the perfect life. I always had a good paying job. I was an independent woman. I had my own car, bank account, etc. I had a social life, good friends, traveled extensively and had a spiritual grounding. Life was good, but I was not entirely happy. Deep down inside, I wanted to be self employed and to give service in the nonprofit sector. I was looking for my niche. I had quite a bit of experience in many areas, but I was not manifesting complete joy. What was I to do to get to the joy in life while helping others? That continued to stay on my mind. I began to meditate on it and to envision it. Eventually, the vision became a manifestation in my life.

Prior to the last downsizing, I had one of my most powerful epiphanie's, one that would shift me into the opportunity to develop and create in the nonprofit sector, thus allowing me to get the basic principles that I needed to move forward with my ultimate dream. After taking introspection and lots of soul searching, consecration, and meditation, Tracey Booker Enterprises was born. The "ah-ha" moments came when I received direction to draw from my own life experience in developing the company; see the need of others and develop and provide service by way of encouraging positive mindset development and positive life change. One thing I've learned is that my life experiences have not been unlike many others, but in learning the lesson from each experience has been necessary to experience greater levels of life and expectancy.

My life transformation was beginning to show up strong. I mustered up my strength, dismissed fear, made changes within my inner circle, broadened my horizons and I began to create. The first result was Metamorphosis, Incorporated, which focuses on female empowerment. Then "Step To The Edge Transformational Life Coaching. Authoring books followed, as well as inspirational and motivational speaking engagements, under "Wisdom Speaks". I added a media entity by way of Internet radio and am exploring podcasting in 2020. All of these entities reflect a higher level of movement, achievement and state of being.

The recurring theme that you will experience with Tracey Booker Enterprises centers on empowerment, freedom, restoration, renewal, transformation and mastery in our ever changing lives; a positive mindset and frame of mindset the path for victorious outcomes in life. Tracey Booker Enterprises encourages this in every business entity. My victorious and overcoming testimony includes conquering fears, destroying self defeating thoughts, moving from victim to VICTOR, forgiving and moving forward, learning to love who I am, and so many more points of restoration, renewal, and transformation which have made for a wonderfully transformed life that not perfect, but I've chosen to live a life that is full of joy and bliss.



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"Restore, Renew, and Transform! SOAR in the Being of self love, self worth, and walk in VICTORY in every aspect of your life.

There is no limit to the goodness of life and the manifestation of that goodness."

-Tracey Booker


Tracey Booker, MS, is President and CEO of Tracey Booker Enterprises, LLC, a lifestyle development company via Transformational Life Coaching and media outlets. She is also the Executive Director of Metamorphosis, Incorporated, a faith based, nonprofit female oriented service organization, which administers to women and girls, empowering them through various life changes and transitions. Tracey is pursuing a PhD in Human and Social Services at Walden University. She has attained a Master of Science degree in Studies in Human Behavior from Capella University. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Rowan University.

Over the years, Tracey has developed an impressive list of contributions to the community including, and especially the Body of Christ. Tracey served as the Pastor of Triumph The Church And Kingdom of God In Christ, in  Glassboro, New Jersey and Anniston, Alabama, and as Assistant Pastor in Wilmington, Delaware. She currently serves as the General Secretary for Church Advancement for the church organization.

Tracey is an internationally published author, as well as an inspiring speaker and has motivated many with topics such as "A Spiritual Metamorphosis", "The Paradigm Shift", "Meet Me in the Delivery Room", just to name a few. She is a sought after teacher, retreat/conference speaker and workshop facilitator. She is also the host of "Universal Broadcast with Tracey Booker", an Internet radio show 

Tracey is available as a keynote speaker and workshop leader for organizations and associations locally, nationally, and internationally.