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Tracey Booker Enterprises is the culmination and presentation of many years of experience in business, ministry, media, and education of the CEO and Visionary, Tracey Booker. Tracey has taken her innate gifts and talents and has created a dynamic personal development company dedicated to serving those who are in need of significant change for the positive in their lives. Restoration, renewal and transformation are key components of the company, with a larger emphasis on applying life principles and exhibiting and manifesting positive life changing results.


Brands include:

Metamorphosis, Incorporated

Step to the Edge Transformational Life Coaching

Wisdom Speaks Inspirational and Motivational Speaking

Restored, Renewed, and Transformed Internet Radio Show

Tracey Booker Ministries

Wisdom Speaks Blog


All of the entities under the umbrella of Tracey Booker Enterprises speak to the same ideology and offer services and products that pertain specifically to each.

In addition, Tracey is an international and nationally published author. Her latest work, "Sister to Sister: A Guide for African American Girls", was released on June 28, 2011.

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For more information or to request an interview with the author, please contact us at 302-588-9294 or info@traceybooker.com.

For Immediate Release

Tracey Booker is one of twenty two authors, featured in “Sister to Sister: A Guide for African American Girls”. The book features short stories that pertain to the encouragement and positive life path of our young African American girls and young women. 

An excerpt from the book...

My Beloved Young Sister,

I lovingly share my story with you. It is a story of a young girl that grew and matured into a young woman who has wrestled with the negative issues of being overweight and obese most of her life. I will share with you my journey through the bondages of victimization,low self-esteem and low self-worth which were the result of being molested while enduring the pain of incest. This act displayed itself by me gaining physical and emotional weight, which resulted in years of obesity and self-doubt. It is a look at the devastating effects of a long battle with being overweight, obesity and the lack of love for self and my body.

I encourage you to read attentively and move purposely as a result of these written words. Take the wisdom of one that has been where you are now and who understands your dilemma. I wish I’d had the courage to conquer my fears earlier, and that I’d been brave enough to allow my voice to speak at the right time. Even in the midst of all of these issues, I was like a caterpillar inching along to build my own cocoon, so that I would blossom and emerge from it as the beautiful butterfly that I am today. I have awakened and blossomed into a confident, victorious, virtuous, and successful woman that has overcome the odds. In this chapter, I give you ME.

Enhance the life of a young girl or young woman today. Encourage and empower her to know that she is worthy and deserving of the best that life has to offer by giving the gift of this book.

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